Laser Surface Micro-processing System


SUPERBIN offers a large selection of marking lasers in various power levels. These lasers are ideal for surface micro-processings such as engraving, annealing, surface welding, discoloration, and other surface machinings. In addition to metals, marking lasers from SUPERBIN also process many other materials such as plastics, glass, silicon, ceramics, and organic substances. All marking lasers have a consistent modular design and can therefore be easily integrated into your system. SUPERBCON, a superb software/control system, is also adopted, which gives the operator a WYSIWYG interface. The SUPERBIN‘s standard scope of delivery includes the provision of corresponding optical configurations for customized needs. Therefore, regardless of the application, you can always get the best processing results.


1. Various pulse durations

2. Flexibility and speed for Processing

3. Excellent electrical and mechanical integration of technology

4. Multi-language operation interface

5. Design that takes into account both ergonomics and safety

Related Applications

1. Black / Colorful Marking

2. Scribing

3. Drilling

4. Film cutting

5. Surface processing