NUBURU first-generation AO® products introduced defect-free, spatter-free copper welding to metal processing applications. The second-generation AI™ product line incorporates NUBURU world-leading proprietary blue laser technology in a high-power, very high brightness compact package with scanning capability. The 1500-Watt AI-1500 brings the qualitative advantages of the blue laser to a wider range of industrial applications, while also enabling processing speeds anywhere from two times to more than twenty times faster than current infrared lasers.


1. Blue dramatically improves IR process windows — even enabling otherwise impossible processing geometries

2. Blue wavelength is superior to all other wavelengths even at equal power

3. Enables SPATTER FREE™ welding process

4. Conduction mode weld in refective metals

5. Fully compatible with the BlueWeld™ welding lens product line

6. 1500 Watts with a BPP of 11mm*mrad

7. Fully compatible with scanners

Related Applications

1. Welding Cu–Au-Al–Ni–SS and other metals for: Lithium-ion Battery, E-mobility, Electronics Packaging, Consumer Electronics, Photovoltaics, Automotive components and Interconnects

2. Cladding, Brazing, LMD

3. Additive Manufacturing


Wavelength: ~450 nm

Bandwidth: ~10 nm

Output Power: 1500 W

Power Adjustment: 0-100 % ; Automated Power Control Mode

Power Stability (8 hours): < 3 % at full power

Fiber Diameter (Core): 100 µm

Fiber Numerical Aperture (NA): 0.22

Minimum focus at f=100 mm: 200 µm

Beam Product Parameter: < 11 mm-mrad

Standard Fiber Length - Connector Type: 5 m - QBH