nLIGHT 5kW High-Power Corona Fiber Lasers


The all-new nLIGHT® Corona CFX-5000 is the first fiber laser on the market that gives users the ability to tune the beam settings based on their application.

With a single Corona fiber laser, users can rapidly select from high-intensity, small-spot-size beams to large, donut-shaped beams, and everything in between. This dramatic advance allows optimal thick and thin metal cutting, higher cutting speed, superior quality, and improved piercing and small-feature processing with a single tool.

End users get the best of all worlds—the speed of high-power fiber lasers for thin metal processing, the quality of CO2 lasers for thick metal processing, and the high uptime and lower operating costs of a fiber laser solution


3, 4 and 5kW: Delivers excellent productivity for advanced cutting and welding applications

Optimized Tuning of Beam Size and Shape: Maintains fiber laser performance, stability, efficiency and reliability with spot sizes from 100um to 300um and beam shapes from tophat to donut mode

Rapid Beam Switching: Beam adjustments in less than 30 ms allows for real-time optimization of each process step while maintaining full power operation to maximize productivity

Back-Reflection Protection: Hardware-based back-reflection protection allows uninterrupted processing of even the most reflective metals with no damage to the laser

Breakthrough Integrated Beam Shaping: Removal of free-space optics, zoom process heads, and external fiber-to-fiber couplers avoids complex performance-limiting hardware

Unparalleled Serviceability: Modular design simplifies repairs maximizing uptime


Mode of Operation: CW/Modulated

Polarization: Random

Maximum Average Power, CW: 3 ~ 5 kW

Power Tunability: 5 – 100 %

Power Variation, 8-Hour: ≤ 1 %

Modulation Frequency: ≤ 50 kHz

Rise and Fall Times: ≤ 10 μs

Beam Quality: Programmable (please refer to the datasheet)

Wavelength: 1070 ± 10 nm