nLIGHT pearl™ semiconductor lasers


nLIGHT pearl™ semiconductor lasers can be configured to deliver output power, fiber size and wavelength combinations to optimize system performance.

Related Applications

The nLIGHT pearl platform is designed and manufactured to achieve the most efficient and reliable operation for solid-state laser pumping, direct diode material processing, surgical lasers and medical therapeutics.


CW Output Power: 30 ~ 130 W

Centroid Wavelength: 808 ~ 1550 nm

Spectral Width (FWHM): 3 ~ 5 nm

Slope Efficiency: 10 ~ 20 W/A

Beam Divergence from Fiber (90% PE): ~ 0.17

Fiber Core / Clad Diameter: 200/220, 400/480

Fiber NA / Index Type: 0.22 / PowerCore™


For the detailed and the newest specifications, please refer to the diode product of the nLight's website, http://www.nlight.net/products/diode-lasers/.