AO-150 High-Power Blue Laser


AO-150 is the market’s first high-power blue laser:

  1. Based on NUBURU's patented* proprietary technology, the AO blue laser enables processing speed from 2 to over 10X current infrared lasers (1 µm) for a large range of metal processing applications
  2. Blue dramatically improves or enables process windows impossible with IR
  3. Blue wavelength offers superior performance over green as well

* One core patent granted, 11 core applications in process

Advantages and benefits:

  1. Copper welding in conduction mode
  2. Spatter free conduction and key hole modes
  3. Welding speed versus infra red fiber lasers

Very simple to use:

  1. A true CW laser
  2. Turn on and off with full power modulation

Related Applications


  1. Lithium-ion Battery

  2. Electronics packaging

  3. Automotive interconnects

  4. Cu – Au – Al – Ni – SS and others

Cladding & Braising



Wavelength: ~450 nm

Bandwidth: ~10 nm

Output Power: 150 W

Power Adjustment: 0-100 %

Power Stability (8 hours): < 3 % at full power

Fiber Diameter (Core): 200 µm

Fiber Numerical Aperture (NA): 0.22

Minimum focus at f=100 mm: 100 µm

Beam Product Parameter: < 15 mm-mrad

Standard Fiber Length - Connector Type: 5 m - QBH