pulseCheck and FROG Option

Second Harmonic Generation FROG is the most popular spectrometer-less Frequency-resolved Optical Gating method. Most of the pulseCheck autocorrelators by APE optionally integrate FROG and give access to complete pulse characterization. The addition of a special nonlinear crystal module and dedicated software opens the door to complete spectral and temporal pulse characterization. The FROG Option enables the pulseCheck  to measure the spectral and temporal bandwidth and phase with just a few adjustments to the autocorrelator.

The FROG Option consists of:

  • FROG crystal(s)
  • A plane FROG mirror
  • FROG measurement and retrieval software

Wavelength and Pulse Coverage

The various crystals available guarantee coverage of wavelengths from 420 nm right up to 1600 nm, of pulse widths from 20 fs to 6 ps, and a spectral resolution starting as high as 0.1 nm. For each crystal the software includes calibration data that enables to tune the crystal to a given
wavelength to achieve phase-matching. The Frequency-resolved Optical Gating option is designed for laser repetition rates above 10 kHz and is available for the pulseCheck autocorrelator series (except for SM models).

FROG Pulse Characterization Software

The software provides the laser pulse intensity as a function of time and frequency (wavelength). This is visualized in form of the common FROG trace diagram. With the implemented phase matching routine from pulseCheck, it only is a matter of seconds to automatically find the required phase matching tuning angle.