FC Spider



The FC Spider (Few Cycle Spider) by APE provides spectral and temporal characterization of ultrashort laser pulses down to below 5 fs. It covers both the red and near infrared range, and visible wavelength region with the FC Spider VIS. This high-precision tool is ideal for aligning and monitoring the performance of broadband Ti:Sa oscillators and amplifier chains with bandwidths starting at 30 nm.

Measuring Spectral Phase Directly

Based on the proven and patented Spider (Spectral Phase Interferometry for Direct Electric-field Reconstruction) technology, using a non-drifting, etalon interferometer and a material dispersion stretcher, the FC Spider directly measures the spectral phase by analyzing a spectral interferogram. In combination with a simultaneously measured power spectrum, real-time calculation and visualization of the spectral and temporal amplitude and phase is accomplished.


  • Short pulse characterization down to < 5 fs
  • Spectral coverage in the IR range and VIS range
  • Real-time and single-shot measurement of phase and intensity
  • High level of automated software support and internal camera-assisted alignment
  • Full software suite included
  • Ideal for broadband Ti:Sa oscillators, hollow-core fiber compressors, and NOPA