Fiber Coupled Terahertz Spectrometer


Fiber-coupled Terahertz Spectrometer T-FIBER, offered by Ekspla, features flexible and robust design. It has integrated femtosecond fiber laser with two fiber output ports. Comparing to common Ti:S oscillators, fiber lasers are smaller, cheaper, more reliable and feature parameters that are perfect for terahertz generation. Femtosecond laser, delay line and signal registration electronics are integrated in a single compact housing with footprint only 40×40 cm. Minimal set of free space optics used in spectrometer allows stable long time operation. Special “no bearing” design of fast delay line makes its lifetime practically unlimited. Delay line allows real time data acquisition with 10 spectra/s speed and 110 ps time window.

Fiber-coupled THz emitter and detector make switching between experiment geometries easier than before. Due to its compact size and reliability during transportation, T-FIBER spectrometer is dedicated for laboratory use as well as for real field applications. We are also happy to customize it according to special OEM customer requirements. Basic setup of T-FIBER spectrometer includes optical rail, with fiber-coupled THz emitter, detector, two PE lenses and sample holder. This setup provides transmission geometry and it is extremely simple in alignment. As an option goniometer stage can be supplied. This inexpensive module allows operation in multiple most common geometries, including transmission and tunable angle reflection from approx. 18.5° up to 90°. It also can be used for unique THz scattering experiments, because sample and detector angles can be changed independently. This module gives also better focusability of THz beam and better dynamic range of THz signal.


  • Pump pulse fiber delivery
  • Real-time measurements
  • Unlimited lifetime of delay line
  • Flexible design
  • THz imaging capability
  • Complete PC control
  • Excellent value for money

Related Applications

  • Time-resolved broadband THz spectroscopy
  • Production processes monitoring
  • Hazardous substances detection
  • Paint and coatings layers thickness measurements
  • Food and agricultural products quality inspection
  • Medical imaging

ModelT-FIBER basic versionT-FIBER with goniometer
General specifications
Spectral range > 3 THz > 3.5 THz
Dynamic range >60 dB at 0.4 THz > 65 dB at 0.4 THz
Acquisition rate 10 scan/s
Spectral resolution < 10 GHZ
Scan range 110 ps
Configurations Transmission Transmission/tunable angle reflection/scattering
Incidence angles range (in reflection mode) - 18.5-90°
Detection angles (in scattering mode) - 18.5-241.5°
Computer interface USB
Main unit dimensions 400x400x158 mm
Spectroscopy setup footprint 670x70 mm 450x300 mm
Pump laser
Model LightWire FF50
Laser output type Fiber
Wavelength 1064 nm
Pulse duration <160 fs
Output power > 40 mW
Pulse repetition rate 40 MHz