FX-SERIES femtosecond laser system


FX-series is a femtosecond oscillator and amplifier system based on InnoSlab technology with following power spec with medium to high power and pulse energy.


  • beam quality: M² < 1.5
  • pulse energy up to 100 µJ
  • typical pulse length 600 fs
  • peak power up to 160 MW
  • pulse rep. rate up to 50 MHz
  • average power up to 200 W
  • wavelength 1030, 515, 343 nm


Related Applications

Favorable applications of FX-series are:

  • Photovoltaic, e.g. scribing, ablation of conduction or dielectric layers of thin film solar and crystalline Si solar cells
  • Printing industry, engraving of printing wheels
  • Display, e.g. structuring of conduction layer, sequential lateral crystallization of Si
  • Electronics industry, e.g. drilling and cutting of printed circuit boards
  • Automobile industry, e.g. the manufacture of fuel injection valves
  • Tool making and mechanical engineering, e.g. 3D rapid prototyping via ablation