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Trusted by Nobel Prize winners and adopted by the research industry worldwide, the finesse is an industry leading 532nm CW laser available up to 16W. Features include rms noise below 0.02% (fig. 1) and a CEP (carrier envelope phase) feedback loop to modulate directly the 532nm output power using the error signal of an f-to-2f interferometer. Widely integrated in the ultrafast laser, semiconductor and defence industries to name but a few, the finesse range is highly compact, extremely rugged and requires minimal cooling due to its high efficiency; in most Ti:Sapphire pumping applications, the waste water from the Ti:Sapphire chiller is more than sufficient to cool the laser head.

There are three versions of the finesse laser: The standard model has rms noise of <0.1%; for noise critical applications the finesse pure reduces the rms noise to <0.02% and for CEP and frequency comb applications, the finesse pure CEP (Patent pending) features CEPLoQ™ which negates the requirement for an Acoustic Optic Modulator (AOM) (fig. 2) by modulating the 532nm amplitude, covering a range of dc-1MHz, with better than 90 degrees phase behaviour up to 700kHz. Removing the AOM from a CEP Ti:Sapphire oscillator has the added advantage of reducing the complexity of the system, thereby making alignment simpler and less sensitive to environmental changes, reducing noise due to external effects and increasing the stability of the entire system.

Related Applications

  • Ti:Sapphire pumping
  • CEP stabilisationITO marking/etching
  • Semiconductor inspection
  • Solar Cell processing
  • Flow cytometry
  • Spectroscopy




finesse pure

finesse pure CEP




4W to 16W

Spatial Mode






Power Stability

<0.1% rms

<0.1% rms (<10W)

<0.05% rms (10W+)

rms noise


<0.03% (<10W)

<0.02% (10W+)

Beam Diameter

2.25mm ± 0.25mm


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