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Thetaccor is a unique turn-key femtosecond laser with a 1GHz or 10GHz repetition rate that delivers up to 1.8W of average power in pulses that can be as short as 15fs. Tuneability is offered between 740nm and 930nm. Its innovative design combines a compact hermetically sealed, vibration-resistant laser head that incorporates the Ti:Sapphire oscillator and pump laser, with a full feature control unit. The control unit houses the field replaceable pump diodes, isolating temperature effects from the head, and provides intelligent control that monitors laser performance and carries out diagnostics analysis. The result is a highly stable and reproducible product with a long lifetime and low cost of ownership, offering a 3 year/9000 hour warranty.

There are five versions of thetaccor: The taccor one offers a selectable (fixed) wavelength, the taccor power and taccor ultra are tuned to produce the highest power or the shortest pulse duration respectively, the taccor tune offers the flexibility of a tunable wavelength using a touch screen or control software and the taccor x10 operating at a 10 times higher repetition rate.


Pulse train monitoring

An integrated high bandwidth (10GHz) photodiode can be used for repetition rate monitoring and to supply a signal to the TL-1000 units or external electronics.

Repetition rate control

Control of the repetition rate and active feedback is enabled by cavity mirrors mounted on a fast and slow piezo crystal enabling rapid feedback and drift control simultaneously. In combination with the TL-1000 repetition rate stabilisation unit, timing jitter below 100fs can be achieved. Alternatively, the piezos can be driven by customer supplied electronics.

Active locking of repetition rate and pulse timing

The TL-1000 is an optional supporting unit that enables tight phase-locking of the repetition rate to an external reference with jitter below 100fs. TL-1000-ASOPS enables a repetition rate offset lock between two GHz oscillators of 2 to 20kHz allowing ultrafast time-domain spectroscopy without mechanical delay stage.

CEPLoQTM technology

CEPLoQ™ technology that directly modulates the pump power to maintain phase stabilisation without the use of an AOM. This leads to faster and more stable responses than the traditional method.

Related Applications

  • Two photon microscopy
  • Two photon polymerisation
  • Optical precision metrology
  • Optical spectroscopy
  • Ultrafast spectroscopy
  • Frequency comb generation
  • Arbitrary waveform generation
  • Calibration of spectrographs (astrometry)




taccor one

taccor power

taccor ultra

taccor tune

taccor x10

Average Output Power

Up to >1600mW

Up to >1800mW

Up to >1600mW

Up to >1800mW


Centre Wavelength

740nm to 920nm (fixed)

Nominal 800nm (±20nm)

Nominal 800nm (±20nm)

740nm to 930nm (tuneable)

Nominal 800nm (±20nm)

Repetition Rate



Pulse duration






Pulse Energy

Up to >1.6nJ

Up to >1.8nJ

Up to >1.6nJ

Up to >1.8nJ


Power Stability


rms noise



<1.2 (sag. plane) <1.6 (tan.plane)

<1.2 (sag. plane)<1.2 (tan.plane)

<1.2 (sag. plane)<1.2 (tan.plane)

<1.2 (sag. plane) <1.6 (tan.plane)

<1.5 (sag. plane)<1.5 (tan.plane)


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