GPX-3000 Series Glass Fiber Processors


GPX-3000 is a unique, multipurpose glass processing platform for creating splices, combiners, tapers, couplers, end-caps and other fiber processes with optical fibers from 125 microns to 1.8 mm in diameter. GPX-3000 systems are built around a unique filament “furnace” assembly—a stable, intense heat source that can be precisely controlled over a wide temperature range—to ensure optimum glass processing conditions. The systems are ideal for R&D and production applications that demand accuracy, versatility and repeatability such as fiber laser and medical device manufacturing.

All GPX-3000 systems utilize True Core Imaging™ for accurate inner-core alignment and splice loss calculation. End-View Imaging™ allows automated alignment of polarization maintaining (PM) fibers, fibers with non-circular cladding or micro-structured cores, and dissimilar fibers. The systems’ two fiber holding blocks can move along the fiber axis up to 180 mm, enabling exceptional fiber processing such as long tapers, thermal core expansion, mode fields adapting. Advanced software merges vision-based alignment, an intuitive GUI, and application database capabilities to enable fast and flexible process development.


  • Graphite filament fusion fire polishingEnables high-strength splices
  • Graphite filament “furnace” with thermal process control from room temperature to >3000°CPrecise control of glass processing system
  • Furnace assembly moves along the fiberPost-splice fire polishing enhances strength
  • Furnace assembly + fiber holding blocks move +/-90mmAllows long tapers, thermal core expansion, mode field adapting and combiners (e.g: 7:1, 19:1.....61:1)
  • Perfectly concentric thermal diffusionEnables low-loss splices between dissimilar fibers up to 1.8 mm
  • True Core Imaging™Accurate splice loss estimation
  • Real-time imagingProcess fibers with non-circular claddings or micro-structured cores
  • Fixed V-groove in fiber blockAllows splicing of large core diameter fibers
  • Inserts changeable in size, shape, power delivery of resistive heating elementAllows easy scaling to very large diameter fibers
  • Creates splices, tapers, couplers and combiners on optical fibers from 125 µm to 1.8 mmVersatile for R&D and manufacturing
  • Established software parametersEase of use for tapering
  • End viewing fibers plus high-resolution rotary positionersAutomated splicing alignment for PM fibers, dissimilar fibers, off-centered fibers


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  • Sensing
  • Medical
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