Femtoline Nonlinear & Laser Crystals


Wide selection of thin nonlinear BBO crystals is available covering crystals aperture from 6x6 mm to 22x22 mm with our recommended thickness coated with P protecting coating P/P@400-800 nm for second harmonic generation (SHG)@ 800 nm or with P protecting coating P/P@400-800/266 nm for third harmonic generation (THG) of ti:sapphire laser wavelength.  Moreover, BBO  and LBO Crystals from aperture 6x6 mm to 22x22 mm and our recommended thickness are available with antireflective coatings AR/AR@515+1030 nm for second harmonic generation (SHG) of YB:KGW/KYW frequency conversion. Moreover, standard and extended femtokits are available for convenient third harmonic generation of Ti:Sapphire laser. 

For more details, please go to EKSMA website: http://eksmaoptics.com/femtoline-components/femtoline-nonlinear-laser-crystals/