Femtoline Polarizing Optics


Femtoline polarizing optics includes round and rectangular thin film laser polarizers coated for 343 nm, 515 nm, 800 nm, 780-820 nm, 1030 nm, 1010-1050 nm wavelength. Various AR coated waveplates including  zero order optically contacted or air-spaced waveplates, low order and multiple order waveplates, dual wavelength waveplates are available for fast off-the-shelf delivery. Polarizing optics also includes polarization plane rotators, group velocity delay (GVD) compensation calcite plates and variable attenuators for femtosecond linearly polarized laser pulses.

For more details, please go to EKSMA website: http://eksmaoptics.com/femtoline-components/femtoline-polarizing-optics/