Femtoline Mirrors


Wide selection of femtoline laser mirrors including: low GDD ultrafast mirrors, dual band mirrors, broadband low GDD ultrafast mirrors, laser harmonic separators, laser output couplers, laser rear mirrors, laser beamsplitters for fundamental wavelengths of Ti:Sapphire and Yb:KGW/KYW lasers and their doubled, tripled or quadrupled frequencies. Femtoline laser mirrors are made from BK7 or UVFS optical material and available in different sizes ( 12.7x3 mm, 25.4x6 mm, 50.8x8 mm, 76,2x12,7 mm). The coating technology for laser mirrors is electron beam multilayer dielectric or ion beam sputtering. Most of the femtoline laser mirrors are available for fast off-the-shelf delivery.

For more details, please go to EKSMA website: http://eksmaoptics.com/femtoline-components/femtoline-mirrors/