IPEX-800 Series Excimer Lasers


Originally developed by Lumonics and now offered by LightMachinery, the IPEX-840/860 Series excimer lasers deliver the performance and reliability required for a wide range of advanced, high duty-cycle industrial manufacturing applications in the electronics, semiconductor and medical device industries.

With ICON ™ (Integrated-Ceramic-On-Nickel) technology, LightMachinery IPEXSeries lasers offer an exceptionally low cost of ownership and superior optical performance. High-Brightness (“Unstable Resonator”) optics are available for applications that demand long-path low beam divergence (e.g. Lidar), extended coherence length (e.g. FBG manufacturing) and improved focusing.

Easy to use, simple to service, and economical to operate, IPEX-840/860 Series lasers combine the benefits of high precision excimer processing with the lowest total cost of ownership and highest uptime on the market today.



  • Extended gas lifetime, long replacement intervals, low operating cost
  • Simplifies optical maintenance, retains gas fill and passivation
  • Delivers 200 microradian pointing stability
  • No realignment required after cleaning or replacing optics
  • Fast, precise energy stabilization in internal, burst and external trigger modes
  • Excellent energy stability, better than 1.0% (1-σ, KrF)
  • Removes particulates and maintains optics cleanliness