IMPACT 3000 series CO2 Lasers


IMPACT®-3000 Series lasers are high powered TEA CO2 lasers designed for advanced applications in materials processing, non-destructive testing, photochemistry and scientific research.

For Materials Processing, their combination of high peak power and short pulses permits the removal of surface layers such as polymer coatings, paint or contamination from metal or composite backings with no damage to the underlying material and minimal heat-affected zone (HAZ). Their high average power offers fast throughput. Applications include flex circuit processing, medical device manufacturing, brake tube stripping, paint stripping and mold cleaning.

In Non-Destructive Testing, the high pulse repetition rate, short pulse durations and optimised mode structure of IMPACT-3000 lasers make them an ideal generation source for laser ultrasound (Laser UT) testing of composite matrix materials.

For Photochemistry and advanced Scientific Research, the high repetition rate and high average power can be utilised in applications as diverse as isotope separation and remote sensing / LIDAR.


Related Applications

Surface Layer Removal and Cleaning
- Polymer Coatings
- Brake Lines
- Paint Stripping
- Mold Cleaning

Non-Destructive Testing
Laser Ultrasound Generation

Photochemistry and Spectroscopy
- Isotope Separation
LIDAR and remote sensing