IMPACT 2000 series CO2 Lasers


IMPACT-2000 Series short-pulse (TEA) CO2 lasers (originally developed by Lumonics Inc. and now offered by LightMachinery Inc.) are primarily designed for fineprocessing of non-metallic materials.

The Impact-2000 Series lasers are ideally suited for the selective removal or machining of non-metallic layers deposited on a metallic under-layer. Unlike conventional CO2 lasers, the short pulses and high peak powers of TEA CO2 lasers enable the surface layer to be removed (“ablated”) with little or no effect on the underlying metal substrate, and with minimal thermal damage (“heat-affectedzone” or “HAZ”) to the surrounding polymer material.

Typical applications include processing of medical device components (insulation stripping of fine electrical wires, leads and coils for implantable devices, drilling and coating removal of catheters and lead wires); microvia-drilling and insulation patterning / removal in printed and flexible circuits; “on-the-fly” drilling or patterning of controlled and rapid release pharmaceutical capsules and tablets; marking of security and anti-counterfeiting codes; laser ultrasound non-destructive testing. Feature sizes as low as ~50 μm can be achieved.

In these and other applications, IMPACT-2000 Series lasers can offer an extremely cost-effective alternative to excimer lasers, with faster throughput, simpler operation and lower cost-of-ownership.

Industrial CO2 lasers normally operate at an infrared wavelength of 10.6 μm. However, for most applications involving the processing of non-metallic / polymer materials, a wavelength in the 9 μm region usually provides superior processing quality. The Impact-2000 Series lasers can be set to operate at either wavelength, depending on the specific application.

Various models of the Impact-2000 Series lasers are available, offering a choice of pulse energy and repetition rates. LightMachinery will be happy to process your samples in our Applications Laboratory and to recommend the particular model and configuration of IMPACT-2000 Series laser best suited for your application.



  • Megawatt peak powers give excellent edge-definition in non-metallic materials
  • Greatly reduced heat-affected-zone (HAZ) compared to conventional CO2 lasers
  • A cost-effective alternative to excimer lasers for many processes


Related Applications

  • Drilling, patterning and ablation of non-metallic materials
  • Selective removal of polymer materials from a metal substrate with no damage to the metallic backing
  • Wire stripping
  • Medical device components
  • Drilling of controlled-release and rapid-release pharmaceutical tablets and capsules
  • Microvia-hole drilling in printed circuits
  • Flex-circuit processing
  • Laser ultrasound non-destructive testing