MASTER workstations - Precision and Versatility


Speed and spatial precision

Precision of laser micro machining is achieved by ultra-short laser pulses, precision of positioning stages and state of the art optics. In MASTER series workstations pico second or femto second laser pulses cause minimal heat-affected zone and maximize spatial precision. High pulse repetition rate and adequate pulse energy ensure fast material removal during ablation or drilling. Options of three different working wavelengths and combination of several wavelengths into a single beam offer enormous machining possibilities in terms of materials and processes.

Accuracy of positioning

  • Maximum firing accuracy and spatial resolution are achieved due to advanced beam delivery scheme.
  • Ultimate  precision three-axis linear positioning stages for precise 3D ablation
  • Fast galvoscanner for high throughput.
  • Trepanning unit for advanced drilling.


Rigid vibration isolated granite platform in Class 1 laser-safe and clean-room compatible enclosure ensures robustness and reliability.

Advanced control

Designed specifically for laser micro machining, SCA software provides automatic control of MASTER workstation, easy design or import of patterns, flexible modification and simulation of micro machining process


Related Applications


  • Manufacturing of high aspect Micromolds from conductive and non-conductive materials using multiple 2D process
  • Production of high-aspect ratio micro-channels fo Microfluidics
  • Structuring high density circuit boards for thin films electronics 

Cutting and drilling

  • Flexible production of Micromechanics components
  • Cutting and drilling of saphire and other crystal materials
  • High-aspect-ratio holes for injectors
  • Filter production


  • Surface & intravolume marking of transparent materials
  • Flexible production of Identification & anti counterfeiting marks

Surface Structuring

  • Clean and accurate modification of wettability characteristics of a wide range of engineering materials
  • Selective surface structuring for Antireflection
  • Lubrication modification of 2D and 3D objects