[Workshop of Photonics]
Laser equipment for glass cutting


As a result of joint work with industrial and academic partners, we  present a specialized equipment for laser cutting of glass. The complete solution  may include:

- Development of laser process suited for a specific type of glas
- Development and production of optical unit dedicated to glass cutting
- Delivery of industrial manufacturing machinery with integrated optical unit  for glass cutting

Workshop of Photonics has developed a hardware solution (a laser cutting optical unit) for efficient scribing* of tempered or regular glass. The equipment is capable to dice glass or sapphire from 30 μm to 1 mm thick with process speeds from 200 to 1000 mm/s depending on specific requirements. It is also possible to integrate surface tracking equipment to ensure higher process quality, automation and repeatability.

Workshop of Photonics can provide the following solutions in glass cutting:

  • develop a specific glass cutting process for certain glass types,
  • build an optical unit which can be integrated as a module in your machinery,
  • provide a complete processing machinery including laser source, sample handling and other functions for your business