[Workshop of Photonics]
Femtosecond Laser Machine FemtoFAB


FemtoFAB is a turnkey femtosecond laser machine for industrial use. Configuration is selected and carefully tunned according to a specific laser micromachining application, including laser cutting, laser scribing, laser drilling and 3D laser milling with any desirable material (with >2,4 GW peak power). System is protected by Class 1 equivalent laser safety enclosure and is controlled through a single SCA engineer software window.

Femtosecond laser technology based micromachining system FemtoFAB provides laser synchronized motion control and/or integrated galvanometer scanner system control to provide the best speed and precision parameters required for many different industrial micromachining applications.




  • High fabrication speed – up to 350 000 px/s
  • Fabrication of difficult objects with submicron resolution
  • Minimal heat affected zone in femtosecond micromachining mode
  • Aerotech based precise object positioning with submicron accuracy
  • Precise laser beam control in space using high-performance galvanometer scanners
  • Shot number control (single to 350 kHz)
  • Synchronization of laser pulses with moving object in space and time domains
  • Original software interface for control of all integrated hardware devices


Related Applications

  • microoptics
  • photovoltaic
  • multi-photon polymerization
  • sensorics for biomedical technologies
  • other precision micromachining tasks