MSV208 - High throughput production for thin film patterning and removal


The MSV208 is a high-specification tool for step-and-scan thin film ablation or other processing on both sides of a planar substrate. This approach optimizes processing speed while minimizing footprint. Originally aimed at touch-screen applications in the mobile phone industry, it is a versatile high resolution and high accuracy tool.


Four galvanometer scanner heads address the top surface while another four address equivalent areas on the bottom. Each scan field is 80 mm x 80 mm and stages which have 300 mm x 500 mm travel allow exposure of different areas of the substrate to repeat the pattern several times on the same substrate, which may then be cut into smaller pieces, one for each pattern.

 Although the tool is very compact (1750mm x  1500mm) it has a vibration-isolated stable granite structure and high-accuracy stages.


  • Simultaneous processing on both sides of substrate
  • Class 1 laser safe enclosure
  • Various DPSS Lasers available: 1024nm, 512nm, 355nm
  • Stable granite construction
  • Vacuum Chuck
  • 300mm x 500mm travel X-Y stages
  • 8 x high speed scanner with 80mm field
  • Dynamic focus control
  • Dynamic focal spot size control
  • Dynamic laser power control
  • 1750mm x 1500mm overall footprint