MSV 2508 ITO and Thin film patterning tool


The MSV 2508 ITO and thin film patterning tool is a high-specification production tool for step-and-scan thin film and ITO ablation or other laser patterning requirements for example on both sides of a flat panel display panel. This unique (patent pending) approach optimizes processing speed while minimizing footprint. Originally aimed at hand held flat panel display applications the tool can be used for a variety of ITO removal applications for Display and thin film photovoltaic applications.



  • UV Laser photoablation of material
  • Single step, environmentally friendly, dry process
  • Multiple beam scanners rapidly process one or both sides of substrate simultaneously
  • 2 boards processed in parallel
  • Each scan head processes up to 100 x 50mm field, suitable for hand held devices
  • Step and scan direct write tiling operation
  • Direct write, focussed spot operation
  • Line-widths down to <10µm 
  • Dynamic focus compensation with fast optically adjusted Z axis
  • Rapid and flexible change of circuit design or display design