MSV 2500i Ink jet material deposition tool


M-Solv introduces the MSV 2500i series of functional inkjet deposition tools for industrial print processes and process development.  The MSV 2500i is configured for precision printing of UV curable, solvent and polymer based inks on flat, solid or flexible substrates up to 500mm x 500mm in area. The tool is intended for research and development of a wide variety of printable fluids and processes, or for production of components from a developed process.



  • A wide variety of Ink jet print heads can be selected; either  Drop On Demand (DOD), drive per nozzle (DPN) or single nozzle configurations for very tightly controlled high resolution
  • Multiple heads can be used for faster print rate or multiple print materials
  • Ink handling systems
  • Print electronics packages
  • 500 x 500mm available print area
  • Maintenance station
  • Drop observation camera
  • Alignment camera
  • Hepa filtering