MSV101 - Laser Micromachining and Inkjet for R&D and Wafer processes


The MSV-101 is a high accuracy and resolution hybrid ablative laser micromachining and ink jet deposition tool principally designed for R&D, general microstructuring and prototyping for a wide variety of industrial production and development applications.  The MSV 101 utilises a modular platform to which a wide range of lasers, industrial ink jet heads, optical and fluid delivery systems and process diagnostics can be specified according to the required purpose or application.

The MSV-101 represents a cost effective solution to process development in microelectronics, thin film or Transparent Conducting oxide patterning and removal such as ITO.  Photovoltaic crystalline cell scribing, drilling, cutting and patterning is also a popular application for this adaptable machinery.


  • Class 1 laser safe enclosure
  • Stable granite construction
  • Various DPSS Lasers available: 1024nm, 512nm, 355nm
  • 300mm x 300mm travel X-Y stages
  • 6” X 6” Vacuum Chuck
  • High speed scanner with 160mm field
  • 1050mm x 1700mm overall footprint
  • Roll to Roll handling optional