[ Vytran ] Vytran Introduces Compact Automated Optical Fiber Cleavers for High-Volume Manufacturing

01 Sep, 2014

Morganville, New Jersey, September 23, 2013 – Vytran, a leading supplier of innovative optical fiber splicing and processing solutions, introduces the “CAC-400” and the “CAC-400-A”—compact, automated, large-diameter optical fiber cleavers. CAC-400 systems combine Vytran’s industry-leading cleaving technology with a host of new features to allow automated high-volume production of fiber lasers, fiber-based medical and sensing devices, and other fiber components and assemblies.

“We created our CAC-400 systems to suit the challenges of manufacturing next-generation fiber-based devices in high volumes,” said David Douglass, Vytran product line manager. “We began with a foundation of field-tested tension-and-scribe cleaving technology, and then added features such as an ultra-simple user interface, remote control and system monitoring, a compact package, and our new ‘Precision Cleave’ technology to ensure exact cleave positioning and very high facet quality.”

Douglass added, “We also designed CAC-400 systems to pair seamlessly with our CAS-4000 Series optical fiber splicers, creating an efficient, high-performance cleaving/splicing cell tailor-made for integrated manufacturing.”

The CAC-400 produces flat cleaves with high-quality end-face finishes on standard and specialty fibers from 60 to 600 microns in diameter. The CAC-400-A is a specialized model for creating both flat and angled cleaves. All CAC-400 systems are equipped with Vytran’s Precision Cleave™ technology for superior cleave positioning, cleave consistency, and mirror-like facet quality.

CAC-400 systems can be used as stand-alone tools or paired with CAS-4000 Series splicers, sharing common transfer clips, cleave/splice files, and a control interface. CAC-400 systems are controlled through an ultra-simple graphical user interface on a standard web browser. They feature a large built-in, user-expandable applications library. CAC-400 systems are also equipped with Vytran’s E-Splice™ technology to allow around-the-clock remote system access for operation, monitoring, service, and data export for statistical process control.