Cost-Efficient And Compact Spectrometer

waveScan spectrometer by APE is a compact and cost-efficient optical spectrometer for ultrafast laser systems, delivering rapid measurements at high resolutions. The rotating grating technology achieves high scan rates, making it an ideal real-time alignment tool for mode-locked laser systems.

UV at 200 nm to Mid-IR at 6.3 µm

Different configurations, from 200 nm UV to 6.3 µm in the mid-infrared range, make waveScan the choice for analyzing the spectrum of different laser types.

Fiber Inputs Available

waveScan is available with an interchangeable fiber input in addition to a free-space input. Whether you need fast scan rates for adjustment or high resolution, combined with convenient measurement control and data processing – waveScan is the ideal solution.

Plug and Play via USB & Spectrometer Software

Easy to use – plug and play via USB connection; Software included

The Economical Advantage - Rotating Grating

waveScan closes the gap between low-cost spectrometer offering low-resolution and more expensive high-end equipment. The waveScan principle is based on a rotating grating, driven by a small and precise motor. Therefore it has substantial advantages over conventional types of spectrometers (e.g. beam splitter) which are usually complex, l


  • High resolution up to 0.05 nm depending on the configuration
  • Wavelength ranges available from 200 nm – 6300 nm (UV/VIS/NIR/MIR)
  • Compact and robust design
  • Free-space or fiber input options
  • Easy to use – plug and play via USB connection
  • Software included

waveScan Specification 
Wavelength Range of the Different waveScan Models 200 ... 1100 nm
220 ... 540 nm
500 ... 1600 nm
800 ... 2600 nm
1500 ... 6300 nm
Resolution (FWHM) 0.2 nm (200 ... 1100 nm)
0.05 nm (220 ... 540 nm
0.2 nm (500 ... 1600 nm
0.5 nm (800 ... 2600 nm
3 nm* (1500 ... 6300 nm); *Equals 0.7 wave numbers at 6300 nm
Scan Rate / Refresh Rate ~ 6 Hz
Laser Repetition Rates > 4 MHz (real-time measurements)
> 1 kHz (accumulation mode)
Wavelength Accuracy ± 0.1 nm (configuration dependent)
Beam Input Free-space; Optional fiber coupling*
Connection USB
Remote Control Possible via TCP/IP (SCPI command set)
Fiber Coupling Available (Single mode fiber input recommended to achieve specified resolution)
Software Included