PowerSense Optical Power Meter


An extremely compact, fully-integrated optical power meter, incorporating both the detector head and power meter under the same enclosure. The widest range of power levels (across 1 nW to 20 W) is measured with a single detector head. This eliminates the need to acquire several heads for different power ranges, improving usability and reducing cost.

PowerSense is offered for different spectral ranges, covering 200 - 1000 nm, 340 - 1000 nm and 800 - 1800 nm as standard products. Deep UV (from 25 nm) and longer infrared (to 8 µm) versions are available by special request.
This convenient and user-friendly photodiode-based optical power meter provides millisecond level of response time. Readings are sent to a PC over the high-speed USB interface. Approximately 100 transfers/second are achieved using standard USB settings.

PowerSense´s small footprint and low weight render it a very portable device. The product is ideal for real-time monitoring of optical power generated by lasers. It can be used in scientific applications, laser maintenance and installation or as a hand-held device for optical power inspection.
The product has M4 and 8 - 32 threaded holes in its base to allow for mounting onto standard optical posts. The attenuator option has a variable iris which can be used to reduce back-reflected light. An optional optical fiber input can also be used with the system.


• Widest dynamic range with a single detector head (1 nW to 20 W)
• Integrated detector head and power meter in a single compact enclosure
• Multiple models available covering a broad spectral range, across 200 nm to 8 mm
• Fast read-out speed of typically 100 readings/second
• User-friendly control software package and programming platform via USB connection to PC
• Customisable for OEM applications

Related Applications

• Laser diagnostics for scientific applications
• Laser maintenance and installation
• Hand-held optical power inspection of a broad range of light sources
• Optical telecommunications