IPEX-PLD Series Excimer Lasers


Constant Energy:

The specified pulse energy of IPEX-840/ 860 Series lasers is constant at all repetition rates from single-shot to the maximum repetition rate of the laser. This is in contrast to some competitive lasers where the specified energy can only be achieved at low repetition rates and the energy falls rapidly as the pulse rate is increased. The LightMachinery approach ensures constant PLD process parameters that are invariant with laser repetition rate.

Constant Pulse Stability:

Pulse energy is regulated by an advanced energy monitor that accurately adjusts the discharge voltage and gas mixture to maintain constant output energy under all operating conditions, including operation. Pulse-to-pulse stability is better than 1%.

Constant Pointing Stability:

High stability keyed optics mounts ensure 200 μ-radian pointing stability and that no beam re-alignment is required after optics maintenance.

Constant Beam Profile:

The beam intensity profile of the IPEX-840/ 860 Series lasers has been designed for steep edges, flat top and especially for minimal changes over the operating life of the laser tube.



  • Optimised lasers for PLD applications, based on LightMachinery’s best-selling Ipex Series industrial excimer lasers
  • Excellent beam uniformity, pulse-to-pulse energy stability and short pulse duration
  • Constant energy at all repetition rates
  • ICON™ (Integrated Ceramic on Nickel) technology for ultimate gas lifetimes and lowest cost of operation
  • EasyClean automated optics seals to retain gas fill and reduce downtime during optics maintenance
  • High-stability optics mounts for ultimate beam pointing accuracy & high-brightness optics for low beam divergence
  • Custom-designed beam delivery systems