LaserMark 950SSM and 960SSM CO2 Lasers


Move away from messy ink-based marking systems with their high consumables costs, environmentally-unfriendly chemicals and non-permanent mark characteristics. The LightMachinery LaserMark Series provides a fast and reliable means of applying high-quality permanent marks (for example: logos, date and batch codes, security codes, product designations) to pharmaceutical products, consumer packages and electronic components. High throughput, fast-moving parts can be marked “on-the-fly” without smearing or degradation of mark quality onto inked papers and cards, foils, painted or anodized metals, glass and many types of plastics.

LaserMark lasers operate on a mask or stencil principle – similar to that of a slide projector. The mark is defined by an etched metal mask which is illuminated by a large-area infrared pulse from the LaserMark laser. The mask / stencil is imaged with a lens onto the target product so that its pattern is permanently applied to the surface of the product. Since this happens almost instantaneously (a few microseconds), motion of the part has no effect on mark quality. Multi-character marks or complex patterns such as logos and datamatrix codes can be applied in a single pulse.

For applications involving serialisation or other frequent mark changes, automated mask changers are available.

The LaserMark Series (originally developed by Lumonics Inc. and now offered by LightMachinery Inc.) provides ease of operation, extreme reliability, and high uptime in production environments. Solid-state SSM modulators and ultra-low gas flow ensure minimal consumable and maintenance costs. The LaserMark 960 Series lasers are sealed to NEMA 12 standards for general purpose marking applications. For more demanding.

environments, the LaserMark 950 Series offers NEMA 4 compatibility.

The unique features of the LaserMark Series have established it as the marking and coding system of choice for many customers in the food and beverage packaging, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and electronics industries.


Related Applications

  • Eliminates inks and other high cost / environmentally-unfriendly consumables
  • Fast “on-the-fly” marking of moving parts
  • Permanent, multi-character marks applied instantaneously in a single pulse
  • Reliable, proven fourth-generation product with solid-state technology for low cost of ownership
  • Range of beam delivery modules
  • Easy integration with full support from LightMachinery