IMPACT 4000 series CO2 Lasers


The Impact-4000 Series lasers are based on LightMachinery’s industrially-proven Impact-2000 TEA CO2 lasers, but modified with thyratron switching for ultra-short pulse duration (~100 ns) and low jitter operation as is required in many scientific and some industrial applications.

Various models offer choices of energy and repetition rates from 12 pps to 150 pps.

Standard options available with Impact-4000 Series lasers include:

  • Wavelength tuning over the full range of CO2 laser lines
  • Single transverse-mode (TEMoo) operation
  • Single longitudinal-mode (SLM) operation)
  • Multi-Module and MOPA configurations

Impact-4000 Series lasers can be supplied in a range of standard multi-module oscillators and master-oscillator / power-amplifier (MOPA) configurations.

The beam parameters (divergence, linewidth, mode structure, range of wavelength tuning, etc.) are mainly defined by the Master Oscillator, and the final energy is mainly defined by the number of Power Amplifier modules. 


Related Applications

  • Plasma Diagnostics
  • Laser Photochemistry
  • Optical DamageStudies
  • Non-Destructive Testing / Laser Ultrasound
  • Laser Propulsionand Particle Acceleration
  • Material Ablation & Surface Removal