[MenloSystems GmbH]
BlueCut Femtosecond Fiber Laser


The BlueCut is an industrial-grade micro-Joule fiber laser system. Based on allfiber integrated technology, this is an inherently robust and stable system, which comes in a sealed package designed for OEM integration.

The system is maintenance free and easily field serviceable, ensuring maximum up-time demanded by both industrial and scientific applications. The high repetition rates available from the BlueCut combined with its high average power and beam quality allow for high throughput and increased efficiency especially for industrial micro-processing applications.



  • Adjustable Repetition Rate
  • Active Air Cooled
  • All-Fiber Technology
  • Compact Design for OEM Integration
  • Robust and Stable
  • Maintenance Free
  • Remote Controllable


Related Applications

Micro Material Processing
- FBG and Waveguide Writing
- Semiconductors
- Organic Materials
- Solarcells

Biomedical Applications in
- Life Science
- Opthalmology
- Multi Photon Microscopy

Scientific Applications
- Seeding of Solid State Amplifiers
- Nonlinear Frequency Conversion