FemtoLAB kit


FemtoLAB is designed for micromachining research and production with femtosecond laser for fast and precise microfabrication in 3D space for scientific applications. Our technical competences and application experience allow us to optimize FemtoLAB systems to save precious experiment time and facilitate training of new users.



  • High speed precision micromachining
  • High-end industrial grade femtosecond laser PHAROS
  • Fabrication of difficult objects with submicron resolution
  • Minimal heat affected zone in femtosecond micromachining mode
  • Nanometer accuracy object positioning
  • Precise laser beam guiding using galvanometer scanners
  • Convenient change of laser parameters
  • Original software interface for control of all integrated hardware devices


Related Applications

  • Surface micro- and nano-structuring
  • Refractive index modification in transparent materials 
  • Solar cell processing
  • Micro-drilling, engraving, 2.5 D milling
  • 3D multi-photon polymerization
  • Photo-induced etching
  • Custom pattern scribing
  • Biomedical applications


  • Femtosecond laser PHAROS
  • SH, TH, FH generators with beam delivery
  • SH generator for oscilator output 
  • XYZ sample positioning system
  • Galvanometer scanners (placed above XYZ or delivered through 4F optical system)
  • 4 attenuators for WATT PILOT
  • 4 polarization rotators
  • Autofocussing and machine vision unit
  • SLM or other beamshaper
  • Turrets for switching of harmonic mirrors and focussing optics