[La Vision]


LaVision's SprayMaster is a complete family of optical measurement systems designed for non-intrusive analysis of spray processes in many fields. Various applications require different system approaches: LaVision is offering predefined systems (see overview) and special customized systems to achieve the application-specific performance. The systems are easy to operate, fast and efficient measurement tools for R&D as well as quality control.

Imaging Techniques
Mie, LIF, PIV, Shadow, IMI



  • integrated and modular spray imaging systems based on
    application matched best selection of light source and
    camera system
  • complete hardware control using DaVis software
  • accurate hardware and signal calibration
  • robust system designs for industrial spray inspection applications
  • customized test protocols


Related Applications

  • imaging of sprays and related processes:
    fuel injectors, spray coating and drying processes
    pharmaceutical, medical and paint sprays
  • spray patternation
  • cone angle
  • mass distribution
  • Sauter Mean Diameter D32
  • evaporation