LDC-400 Large Diameter Fiber Cleaver


LDC-400 is a fully automated fiber cleaver that produces flat and angled cleaves on fibers ranging from 80 microns to 1.25 mm in diameter. This tension-and-scribe system marries the tensioning capabilities of our linear proof testers with precision diamond blade scribing technology to produce consistent low-angle cleaves with mirror-quality end-face finishes.

LDC-400 features programmable cleave tension, rotation angle and scribe conditions for cleaving circular fibers, polarization maintaining (PM) fibers and capillary tubes, and includes specialty processes for cleaving photonic crystal fiber (PCF). In addition, the system can be configured for cleaving non-circular fibers typically used in fiber laser systems. LDC-400 is an ideal companion to our GPX-3000 Series glass processing systems and our LFS-4000 large diameter fiber splicing system.




  • Tension-and-scribe methodLow-angle and flat cleaves -- critical for high performance splicing
  • Programmable cleave parametersAccommodates a wide range of fiber sizes (80µm to 1.25mm in diameter) and different types of conventional and specialty fibers, including circular, PM, non-circular fibers, PCF and capillary tubes
  • Unique "sub-critical" cleave processOptimal technique for cleaving PCF and large diameter fibers
  • Precision controlled scribing processRepeatable, consistent and accurate cleaves
  • Remote controlled tension, velocity, oscillation, scribe delayHandset controller gives user full control over the cleave process
  • Fiber holding blocks for accurate fiber positioning and clampingResults in highest fiber quality and process repeatability
  • Internal VacuumEase of fiber loading and consistent fiber positioning
  • Common fiber holding blocks with other Vytran toolsFor ease of use and maintaining fiber position registration during the cleaving and splicing processes
  • Adjustable mechanical slideEnables precise control of cleave position
  • Angle cleave optionPrecise and consistent angle cleaves
  • Micrometer backstop optionAllows low-tension PCF cleaves and large diameter fiber cleaves


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