FFS-2000 Fusion Splicing Workstation


FFS-2000 is an all-in-one workstation that combines all fusion splicing processes from fiber stripping through proof testing into a single system so users can create high-strength, consistent splices quickly and efficiently. The system’s workstation design, along with unmatched imaging capabilities and extensive programming flexibility, makes it ideal for both volume production and R&D applications.

At the foundation of FFS-2000 is our proven filament fusion technology—the industry’s most reliable method for creating high-strength, low-loss splices. Additionally, FFS-2000’s high-accuracy cleaver produces quality cleaves to optimize splice strength. The system also utilizes True Core Imaging™, a high-resolution imaging system that enables fast, accurate inner-core alignment and splice loss calculation. Its intuitive GUI allows complete process configuration and control, and a networkable database lets users record all splicing data, enabling high throughput and flexible manufacturing. FFS-2000’s recoating station produces acrylate coatings that preserve the fiber’s original diameter, flexibility and long-term strength.




  • All-in-oneComplete workstation for flexible and efficient manufacturing
  • Filament fusion technologyLow-loss, high-strength splices
  • Fire-polishingEnhanced splice strength
  • True Core Imaging™Automatic high-accuracy fiber inner core alignment
  • True Core Imaging™Accurate splice loss estimation
  • High-accuracy cleaverMinimal end face damage
  • Interchangeable fiber insertsHandles various fiber sizes
  • Advanced softwareSplice database optimizes production processes
  • RecoatingHigh-density packaging and flexibility


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