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SolsTiS cw Ti Sapphire Laser


SolsTiS® is an ultra-compact, automated, widely tunable, CW narrow linewidth Ti Sapphire laser system. Next-generation features lower cost while maximizing reliability, performance and productivity.

SolsTiS provides narrow linewidth, high output power, broad tuning, and the lowest noise in the industry. Compatible with a wide range of commercial Ti Sapphire pump lasers as well as fully integrated pump options.  Available in a range of linewidth options. 

SolsTiS wavelength control consists of nothing more than selecting a value - "dial a wavelength". Single linewidth scans and scan stitching are also possible.  The entire tuning range can be accessed without changing optics or re-alignment. The system can be integrated into automated experiment via external commands.

SolsTiS can be locked externally to a transition, reference cavity or wavemeter. The small, sealed cavity can be easily purged in minutes.  Fully integrated accessories such as beam pick-off and fiber coupling are available.  Frequency conversion, e.g. doubling or mixing, with ECD-X.



  • Low amplitude noise
  • Narrow linewidth
  • Sealed and fully automated design
  • Broad tuning range with one optics set (up to 300nm)
  • Custom wavelength ranges available, e.g. < 700 nm or >1000 nm, please enquire
  • Simple ‘dial a wavelength’ for wavelength setting
  • High precision ‘dial a wavelength’ option (requires wavemeter)
  • Terascan wide scan version (requires wavemeter)
  • Instrument control by Ethernet (ICE) for hands off use
  • Easily purged in minutes
  • Frequency doubler / mixer accessories available
  • Fully integrated beam pick off and fiber launch accessories available


Related Applications

  • Atom trapping and cooling
  • High-resolution spectroscopy
  • Squeezed light
  • Quantum optics




Model Power(W)                                  
SolsTiS 4000 > 4.0
SolsTiS 3500 > 3.5
SolsTiS 3100 > 3.1
SolsTiS 2000 > 2.0
SolsTiS 1600 > 1.6
SolsTiS 1200 > 1.2
SolsTiS 1000 > 1.0
SolsTiS 700 > 0.7
SolsTiS 500 > 0.5
SolsTiS 300 > 0.3
SolsTiS 100 > 0.1


Tunung Range (nm) -XS -R -F -XF -XL
SolsTiS 4000   725-875    (725-975)±15    
SolsTiS 1200 to 3500 670-710    725-875 725-975 700-1000    950-1050   
SolsTiS 500 to 1000   725-875 725-975    
SolsTiS 100 to 300   745-855      


SolsTiS SRX (Scanning Reference Cavity) < 50kHz                                                                                                                                    
SolsTiS PSX (Passive Scanning) < 5MHz
SolsTiS LX   (Etalon Lock) < 5MHz
SolsTiS PX   (Passive Etalon) < 5MHz
SolsTiS BRF (BRF Only) < 20GHz


Scan Range                                    

> 25GHz, measured at ~780nm, scan stitching option available                                     

Amplitude Noise

< 0.1% RMS above pump noise, added in quadrature

Spatial Mode TEM00
Beam Radius

< 0.4mm, 1/e2intensity (nominal, at output port)

Beam Divergance

< 1.5 mrad, far field, half angle


Horizontal (pump & output beam)


Laser Head Dimensions

<29 x 17 x 7cm (<11.5 x 6.7 x 2.6 inches), L x W x H

ICE-BLOC™ Controller Dimensions

34cm x Half Rack x 2U, L x W x H

AC Power

90 - 264 VAC, 2.5 A max.


Supplied closed-loop water

Environmental Requirements

Operating temperature range: 16-30°C
Max. relative humidity: 80% non-condensing, up to 30°C                                         


Mounting surface: optical table
Air free of dust (laminar air flow box recommended)