05 Oct, 2015

SuperbIN is the only partner of nLIGHT in Taiwan from now on. nLIGHT provides robust fiber laser (medium power and high power), and fiber based picosecond laser. nLIGHT also provide active and passive fibers with various core diameters and dopings, and diodes with various wavelengths and powers.  The detailed description of nLIGHT is as below:

nLIGHT is a vertically integrated supplier of high-performance lasers that enable innovation in materials processing, defense, and medical applications. nLIGHT develops and manufactures direct diode and fiber lasers based on industry-leading semiconductor laser and optical fiber technology. 
nLIGHT is headquartered in Vancouver, Washington with additional sites in North America, Europe, and Asia. We're committed to working together to deliver breakthrough solutions that help innovate and grow our customers' needs.