[ EKSPLA ] LightWire series ultrafast fiber lasers

25 Dec, 2013

EKSPLA has launched a new line of ultrafast fiber lasers. The LightWire series fiber lasers feature turn-key operation, monolithic all-in-fiber design and require no maintenance making it a preferred alternative to the solid state counterparts in the industrial settings and multidisciplinary research laboratories. Different versions, featuring femtosecond and picosecond pulse durations are available.

LightWire FF 50 and LightWire FF3000 series ultrafast fiber femtosecond lasers are compact, robust and simple to use. Offering femtosecond pulses right from the tip of the fiber, they are excellent choice for non-linear microscopy, terahertz spectroscopy or femtosecond pump-probe experiments. With the pulse duration of less than 150 fs and a repetition rate of 30 MHz, the average power from 40mW to 3W can be chosen.

LightWire FP picosecond laser line is designed for researchers and OEM integrators who require bandwidth limited picosecond pulses. Compact, cost efficient models operate at 30  MHz repetition rate delivering 2 ps or 6 ps pulses with the average output power up to 80 mW. LightWire FP lasers offer a fine-tuning possibility of the central wavelength at either 1053nm or 1064nm making them an excellent tool for seeding Nd based (YAG, YLF, YVO) regenerative amplifiers as well as metrology applications.

LightWire HE model is designed with micromachining applications in mind. Picosecond pulses with μJ level energy are perfect for the formation of precise digs and cuts on sample. Repetition rate up to 10 MHz and average power up to 10 W makes sure that process will run fast and smooth.

All lasers are available as stand-alone or OEM modules. Specialized options, like LightWire Duo, offering two synchronized outputs at 1064nm and 1030nm or LightWire Yb, for seeding femtosecond Yb regenerative amplifiers, are available. In addition to the specialized options, LightWire series ultrafast fiber lasers can be customized to tailor for specific needs.